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Allergy Associates of Sarasota, Venice & Bradenton offers quick, accurate, non-invasive asthma diagnosis and treatment for patients of all ages.

Asthma is a very common condition that is, unfortunately, under- and misdiagnosed. This is due to the fact that obtaining an accurate asthma diagnosis can be a challenge, especially when the patient is a child. For an informed, accurate asthma diagnosis to be made, it’s essential to have a variety of asthma testing tools. Dr. Rucker is double board-certified in allergy, immunology, and pediatrics, making her especially skilled in asthma diagnosis and treatment for pediatric patients. Our office is equipped with the newest, most comprehensive tools for asthma testing and treatment. We provide spirometry testing and FeNO testing to ensure an accurate diagnosis. Request an appointment today to start managing your asthma symptoms!

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FAQs on Asthma Testing: 

What Is Asthma?

Asthma is a long-term or chronic lung condition that periodically causes inflammation and narrowing of the airways. This results in inflamed and narrowed the airways in the lungs. This in turn can make breathing difficult and trigger coughing, wheezing, and shortness of breath.

What Are The Tests For Asthma?

  • Spirometry
  • FeNO 

What Is A Spirometry Test?

A spirometry test is a simple exam that measures your lung function and how asthma affects your breathing. The machine used to carry out the test is called a spirometer, and it measures your lung’s ability in three ways:

  • How much air you can breathe in and out
  • How hard you can breathe out
  • How fast you can blow air out

How Does A Spirometry Test Work?

Spirometry can be done before and after you inhale a short-acting medication called a bronchodilator (a drug that alleviates asthma symptoms) such as albuterol. The bronchodilator causes your airways to expand, allowing for air to pass through freely. This test might also be done at future doctor visits to monitor your progress and help your doctor determine if and how to adjust your treatment plan.

What Is A FeNO Test?

FeNO (short for fractional exhaled nitric oxide) is a quick, easy test that measures the amount of nitric oxide in your breath. Patients blow into a small, handheld device for about 10 seconds. The results are available immediately. The doctor then looks at whether or not your airways are inflamed, and to what degree. 

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